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What Next?

Crucial work for nature and the climate doesn't stop after the march!


The delivery groups behind the march are always active, and some have specific campaigns that you can get involved in! 

Letters To The Earth

Letters to the earth (1).png

Take on the voice of nature and write a short letter to the next Prime Minster on the back of a beautiful origami bird.


Download your messenger bird and follow the online 

instructions. More info



Guides and tools to help speak up for nature this General Election.

Join the campaign and use provided guides to speak up for nature. More info

The Wildlife Trusts


Five priorities for the next government for nature recovery.

Support on social media and participate in e-actions. More info



Manifesto for nature recovery and climate action

Share on social media and engage in local advocacy. More info

Rewilding Britain

Rewilding Britain.png

Campaign to dedicate 30% of land and seas to rewilding by 2030.



Speak up for Wetlands this election

Share on social media and engage in local advocacy. More info

The Woodland Trust

Woodland Trust.png

Campaign to get candidates to promote policies on woods and trees post-election.

Email your candidate and download a poster. More info

Extinction Rebellion (XR)

XR (2).png

Upgrade Democracy!


Campaign for democratic reforms with citizens assemblies to address the climate and ecological crisis.

Find out the date of the next action, and be the first to know the location. More info

Love & Rage

Love and Rage.png

Grassroots campaigns for environmental and social justice.

Participate in actions and share campaign resources. More info

Friends of the Earth

General election demands for environmental policies, including increasing expenditure on active travel and advocating for global climate action.

Tell your next MP: be a friend of the earth. More info



Encouraging actions to protect wild plants and fungi.

Join campaigns and support through advocacy. More info

National Trust

National Trust.png

Promoting the importance of National Parks and natural spaces.

Find out what the National Trust wants to see for Nature. More info

Wildlife and Countryside Link (WCL)


Nature manifestoes – see what a range of environment organisations are advocating for around the General Election

Engage with General Election manifestoes and advocacy campaigns. More info

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