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A pay rise
for nature

Farmers manage 70% of UK land and have a huge role to play in supporting environmental recovery. But they need more support. We want to see the nature and climate-friendly farming budget doubled.

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Make polluters pay

Big businesses; from water, to retail, to energy, all further environmental decline. We want new rules to make them contribute to nature and climate recovery, and an end to new fossil fuels.

More space for nature

Just 3% of English land and 8% of waters are properly protected for nature and wildlife. To meet UK nature and climate commitments we need to expand and improve protected areas, and ensure public land and National Parks contribute more to recovery.

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A right to a healthy environment

Limited access to nature, and pollution in the air and water, affects everyone’s health. We’re calling for an Environmental Rights Bill which would drive better decisions for nature, improve public health and access to nature. 

Fair and effective climate action

We cannot save nature without solving the climate crisis. We want investment in warm homes and lower bills by increasing home energy efficiency, supporting active travel and public transport, and replacing polluting fossil fuels with affordable renewables to ensure we at least halve UK emissions by 2030. 

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Pledge to march

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