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Restore Nature Now will be a lawful, peaceful, non-violent, inclusive and family-friendly demonstration in London, UK on 22nd June 2024.

All organisations which seek to take part in the Restore Nature Now March are asked to read, agree and sign the agreement below. 


This agreement provides a basis for trust so that everyone involved can be sure what is expected from one another and what can be expected on the day. 

Supporter Agreement

By agreeing to be an official supporter, you confirm that you are happy for your organisation to be referred to as a supporter in media and materials associated with the demonstration.


Your organisation's logo will be included on the Restore Nature Now website under the supporting organisations section.


We also ask that you regularly promote the demonstration to your members/supporters and the public in order to raise awareness of the demonstration and encourage attendance through sharing social media posts and email/newsletter updates. 

On the day of the demonstration we invite you to;


  • Demand our leaders Restore Nature Now

  • Enjoy, celebrate, demonstrate, sing, dance, chant for nature

  • Show respect for everyone

  • Take responsibility for ourselves and each other

  • Share the work of your organisation with outreach material

  • Bring banners and placards with your personal/organisational demands around ‘Restore Nature Now’

  • Meet like minded individuals; network, share, connect

  • Follow the designated route of the march

We ask you to refrain from;

  • Illegal activity
    Restore Nature Now will be a lawful, non-violent protest. We ask everyone not to partake in criminal activity, damage or disruption and to report any illegal action to stewards. 

  • Expressing hostility or aggression
    This demonstration will be a peaceful event where all attendees will have a right to feel safe. Violence of any kind; will not be tolerated. 

  • Use of hate speech or slogans
    Restore Nature Now will be open to everyone who wants to give nature a future. Hate speech will have no place at the event. 

  • Heckling or use derogatory chants
    We ask that attendees be respectful of all speakers, performers and organisers - even if you disagree!

  • Fundraising activity (asking for bank or credit card details)
    We ask that organisations refrain from fundraising on the day of the march. 

  • Use of drugs
    Restore Nature Now will be a family-friendly, lawful event and illegal drug use on the day will not be tolerated. 

  • Organising splinter marches or demonstrations
    Our strength is our unity, one group united in action for nature. We ask that organisations and groups do not organise separate marches, demonstrations or events. 

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