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Get Creative!


Do you most feel connected to your true nature when you're wandering in the woods or swimming in the sea? Climbing hills, breathing in fresh air and bird watching? Or do you simply identify as part of nature?


There are so many ways we connect with - and champion nature. To embrace that diversity, the march has 5 theme blocks - Woods, (at the front of the march) Water and Land (in the middle), Air (at the back), and the all encompassing NATURE - throughout the whole march!!

Attendees and supporting organisations may wish to join a specific block, for example, the Woodland Trust at the front of the march in the Woods block, and RSPB in the AIR block where their feathered friends fly! Maybe you would like to come as the sea and join Surfers against Sewage, or maybe you want to be a tree - and join the walking woodland!!


Come with costume, prop or placard - or just you are, your natural self - it's up to you! 


Letters to the Earth are bringing their fabulous new and original origami birds to Restore Nature Now.

On the day of the march:

Pick up your pre-printed paper to make your origami bird between 12 - 1pm at Park Lane and 2.30 - 4.30pm at Parliament Square by the Abraham Lincoln Statue.

Follow the instructions on the bird:

1.)  write your letter to the earth... Take a moment to connect with the wider web of life, and allow another species, natural element or ecosystem to come to mind. It might be somewhere familiar that means a lot to you, or  something that you care about. What message do they have for the human world? Take on their voice and write your message.
2.) fold your bird

3.) deliver your letter-bird to the helpers in Parliament Square

We will be collecting all birds at the Abraham Lincoln Statue and after the General Election we shall be sending them to the new Government. Bring a pen!


Share pictures and videos of your creative activty on Instagram tagging @letterstotheearth_ and @RestoreNatureNow with the hashtags #RestoreNatureNow and #LettersToTheEarth



First famous for commemorating sites of historic interest, then repurposed by the brilliant Dirty Water campaign to highlight water pollution, there are now Restore Nature Now blue plaques to highlight declining species for you to print at home!


A fantastic conversation starter and mobilisation tool!

Post your pictures on social media and tag #RestoreNatureNow

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