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  • What is the Restore Nature Now demonstration?
    A legal, peaceful and inclusive public march and rally organised by environmental groups and individuals who are united in a common goal. The march will be calling on all political parties to make this General Election the turning point for nature that we need and act to Restore Nature Now.
  • Where and when will the event take place?
    The demonstration will take place in central London on Saturday 22 June. Starting at Park Lane and finishing in Parliament Square, where there will be a rally. People will be assembling from midday onwards, and we’ll begin to march at 13:00. We arrive at Parliament Square for a rally from 14:15 to 16:30. More information can be found here
  • Who is organising the demonstration?
    Restore Nature Now is being developed by a group of NGOs, grassroots organisations and individuals including: the RSPB, The Wildlife Trusts, WWF-UK, Friends of the Earth, WWT, Woodland Trust, Rewilding Britain, National Trust, Wildlife and Countryside Link, Plantlife, Extinction Rebellion and Chris Packham. Representatives from these organisations are part of a Delivery Group, tasked with the logistics, communications and marketing of the demonstration. You can view a list of all supporting organisations here
  • Who is funding the demonstration?
    Environmental groups have contributed funds, staff and volunteer time to help ensure the event’s success. An online crowdfunder has also been set up to support event costs.
  • Is this demonstration legal?
    Yes. Appropriate permissions have been agreed with the relevant authority and the Met Police and legal and peaceful action committed to by the march supporters.
  • What is this trying to achieve?
    The next generation deserves a world where nature is thriving and which is free from the threat of climate catastrophe. The General Election could be a turning point for our natural world and so together, we’re calling on politicians of all parties to act now for nature, people and climate. By joining, you’ll help to reflect that the public’s passion for action, comes from a wide range of lived-experiences. You’ll show decision- and policy-makers the concerns that communities, the climate and the UK’s wildlife are currently facing. The Restore Nature Now demonstration is an opportunity to show a larger, louder, more visible strength of public feeling about action for nature than ever before, at what is a critical moment.
  • What is the problem?
    Nature in the UK is in long-term decline and - despite the vast majority of people taking some form of action to help nature themselves, as well as the benefits of a healthy environment on human society being widely acknowledged - political action is lacking. This has long been highlighted by others; most recently, in its annual progress report, the Office for Environmental Protection (OEP) said that ‘the Government remains largely off track to meet its environmental ambitions, and must speed up and scale up its efforts in order to achieve them’. We need all political parties to commit to taking action which will effectively tackle the challenges faced by nature, climate and communities, so that whoever forms the next Government will make the impact we all need.
  • You’re calling for supporters to take action, what does that mean?
    This could be the largest event for nature and climate in the UK to date. In order to reach that target, anyone who supports the aims is being asked to share the event with as many people as possible so that everyone can find out what’s happening and attend. Afterwards, keeping up pressure, if you can, by speaking to election candidates locally about what you want to see for nature and climate, and that you expect them to speak up for both and to act, if they are elected.
  • Are there direct-action / protest groups involved in the demonstration?
    Yes, this is an inclusive event supported by a broad range of more than 200 environmental groups. Everyone involved in Restore Nature Now are all working to the same aims – to see a more healthy, more sustainable natural world. How we each approach this is different but unity is our super power! Protecting and restoring our natural world is clearly a cause close to the hearts of many, and any organisations that are happy to agree to the legal, family-friendly and peaceful commitments of the march are welcome to sign up as supporters.
  • Will you be shutting down roads or disrupting traffic?
    As the demonstration will be taking place in central London there will be some traffic disruption. The demonstration will follow a set route and we are working with local authorities and the Metropolitan Police to ensure this disruption is minimised - see the route map here
  • Will the protest be peaceful?
    Very much so! This is a peaceful, legal and family-friendly event. It’s a really serious issue, but this will also be a fun, and vibrant day! Each organisation that is attending has agreed to a code of conduct called a 'Supporter Agreement' which is designed to ensure there is no disruption other than the organised road closures and no illegal actions, for example.
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