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The following information relates to accessibility at the 2 x assembly areas, during the march and at the rally.

view the interactive map for details


  • There will be a block at the front of the full march route for people who wish to access viewing areas. People who need to be in this block are welcome to join with friends. All are welcome anywhere throughout the march.

  • At Park Lane assembly point, the front block will have an accessible viewing area (street level) for the platform with speakers and BSL interpreters.


  • The short march route will assembly in Whitehall Place at 13:00

  • Crew from the Disabled Rebels Network will be on hand to help with accessibility.


  • There will be a second accessible viewing area at the Cenotaph of a big screen (for when the march/rally extends down WhiteHall)


  • The full route is approximately 2.5 miles long, and is level access until Parliament Square, where there are ramps to access the grass area for those who wish to..

  • The shorter, flat access route is 0.4 miles. 


  • There will be no additional toilets, however this interactive map shows nearby accessible public toilets.


  • Buddies are available to arrange in advance, see contact below. Examples of support are:
    being accompanied from a bus or train to the start of either the main or short route
    being provided with a manual wheelchair and stewards to push when a rest is needed


  • A welfare team will be present at the march.

  • All stewards will be briefed on accessibility and have access to the map showing accessible toilets. If a steward is unable to support your needs on the day, you or they can telephone Sian - with Extinction Rebellion Disabled Rebels Network on 07773 193704.

  • If you use a power chair or scooter, please try to start the march with as well charged battery as possible. There will be some facility for battery charging at the Cenotaph on Whitehall. This may be subject to weather for safety reasons. We are seeking indoor spaces that allow charging.


  • For access needs regarding transport and accommodation please apply through the same channels as others. There will be a place to state needs.


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